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Jasmine Inn فندق جاسمين ان مدينة بدر

خلف الجامعة الروسية، مدينة بدر

Jasmine Inn فندق جاسمين ان مدينة بدر
Jasmine Inn فندق جاسمين ان مدينة بدر

خلف الجامعة الروسية، مدينة بدر

Jasmine Inn فندق جاسمين ان مدينة بدر



Jasmine Inn Hotel in Badr City Jasmine Inn is provided by Al Zaim company for investment and real estate finance, and the Jasmine Inn designed in the neoclassical style is the best hotel in Badr City, where the hotel provided the finest and most luxurious hotel rooms, with a private hotel suite for women out of concern for privacy and luxury, so the main goal at Jasmine Inn is to provide the best luxury hotel services to all guests.

Jasmine Inn has 221 hotel rooms ranging from premium to luxury rooms, as well as a number of luxury hotel suites, comfortably decorated and tastefully polished.

Location of the Jasmine Inn Hotel in Badr Jasmine Inn

The location of jasmine Inn Badr City Jasmine Inn is one of the strategic locations in Badr City, due to its proximity to all vital and important places in the region, which saves customers and guests time and comfort.

Jasmine hotel is located directly next to the Russian university, 5 minutes from Badr University, 20 minutes from the Canadian university and 30 minutes from the German university, in addition to its proximity to the Universities of the administrative capital and Sunrise.

The choice of the location of the Jasmine Inn Badr Jasmine Inn hotel is a saving of time and effort for university students, given the average strategic location of all major universities in East Cairo.

Services of jasmine Inn Jasmine Inn Badr City

Al Zaim company for investment and Real Estate Finance offers the services of jasmine Inn Hotel in a distinctive way, to give an atmosphere of luxury and privacy to the visitors of the hotel, and among those services provided by Jasmine Inn Hotel are the following:

Take care of your health and fitness with the Ritz Health Club at the Jasmine Inn Hotel and enjoy comprehensive premium sports services

A sports gym equipped with the latest equipment.

Nutritionist and personal trainer.

Sauna and jacuzzi for relaxation.

A prime location next to strategic places in Badr City.

A luxurious restaurant for favorite Egyptian cuisine.

Luxury hotel rooms guarantee you complete comfort.

Swimming pool, gym.

Private suite for ladies and families.

Restaurants and cafes.

Suitable prices throughout the year.

Privacy and security.

Facilities of the Jasmine Inn Hotel in Badr Jasmine Inn

Room service

Jasmine Inn provides 24-hour room service for guests ‘ convenience.

Laundry services

We provide first-class dry cleaning services by qualified hotel experts.

Wi-Fi and internet

Jasmine Inn hotel offers the best free internet access for guests in the rooms and reception.

The dining room

We offer a luxurious in-room dining service tailored to meet guests ‘ requests, which is one of our most outstanding services.

Swimming pool

You can relax by swimming in the hotel’s private pool.

Spa and Jacuzzi

Luxury service at the Jasmine Inn hotel is available for guests and non-guests daily. Enjoy the different ingredients.

Fitness center

Jasmine Inn provides a fully equipped fitness center for guests throughout the day.

Parking spaces for cars

Park your car safely in front of our hotel, explore local attractions, book your stay for a worry-free vacation.

Recreational facilities

There is no need to leave the hotel for fun and entertainment, we will bring it directly to you, as we have a package of leisure activities that satisfy your desires among water, sports and therapeutic activities. Enjoy any of your favorite programs with our team of professional trainers.

Fitness center

Jasmine Inn offers the best fully equipped fitness center to welcome our guests all day long.

Jasmine Inn hotel rates and booking policies

With Jasmine Inn, hotel visitors will be able to enjoy a view and excellent services throughout the day with the highest standards of cleanliness and quality in Badr City.

Save your time and effort and book your stay at Jasmin hotel and enjoy integrated services with the highest standards of cleanliness and quality in Badr City, for a hotel stay that combines the right price and high level.

Therefore, we are happy to arrange late check-in, but please note that this must be arranged in advance with the administration due to the small number of rooms on site, since each guest can book a maximum of two rooms.

To book your unit and for more details, please contact the hotline 19950 directly

The real estate developer of jasmine Inn hotel Badr City

Park land compound is presented by Al Zaim real estate investment and development company, with more than 25 years of real estate experience, which is one of the largest real estate investment companies in Egypt, where it has presented many large residential and commercial projects, and the company started its projects in 2006, where it enjoys a wide reputation as a result of its choice of distinctive designs, and important strategic locations.

One of the most prominent projects of AlZaim real estate company:

Parkland Avenue compound.

Badr downtown mall.

Palm Gardens compound.

The 131 Badr City architecture project.

The 18th building project in the distinguished neighborhood of Badr City.

And the 87th building project in Zone 7 in the distinguished neighborhood of Badr City.

The 147th building project is located in Zone 7 in the distinguished neighborhood of Badr City.

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