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Park Land Avenue كمبوند بارك لاند افينيو

مدينة بدر - Badr City مول مصر الحي المتميز بجوار دار مصر

Park Land Avenue كمبوند بارك لاند افينيو
Park Land Avenue كمبوند بارك لاند افينيو

مدينة بدر - Badr City مول مصر الحي المتميز بجوار دار مصر

Park Land Avenue كمبوند بارك لاند افينيو



Parkland Avenue is an integrated residential project in Badr City, the project was designed by Al Zaim company for investment and real estate development, and the project contains all the distinctive services that make life inside it more like a resort life.

The Parkland Avenue project provides all means of well-being and comfort for its residents, and the project includes private areas for recreation, and also provides the highest amount of privacy and security, in addition to the breadth of picturesque green spaces.

Location of Parkland Avenue compound, Badr City

The project is located 8 km from the new administrative capital, and it is also located near several important places such as close to the banking complex, hyper one, Badr new hospital, Badr International University, Future University, Badr City branch, and the Russian university.

Major areas near Park Land Avenue

Parkland Avenue compound is located 10 minutes from Shorouk City.
 Parkland Avenue compound is located 15 minutes from the new administrative capital.
 The compound is also located 5 minutes away from Madinaty, New Cairo and rehab.

Types of residential properties in Parkland Avenue compound

Park Land Avenue compound contains a group of different residential units, where there are apartments for sale in Parkland Avenue in a distinctive way, there are also ground-floor apartments with a garden in Parkland Avenue, and there is a penthouse for sale in Park Land Avenue compound, the goal is to choose for each client the type of unit suitable for his wishes.

Areas of real estate on Park Land Avenue

The executing company of the project provided a variety of residential units, as follows:
The penthouse spaces start from 65 square meters and go up to 85 square meters. The ground floor apartments start with a garden with areas starting from 150 square meters and up to 190 square meters.
 There are apartments for sale in Parkland Avenue with areas starting from 155 square meters and up to 230 square meters.

Design of Parkland Avenue compound, Badr City

The Parkland compound is designed to become more like tourist resorts, the buildings are designed classically with charming designs, according to modern construction standards, the project is located on an area of 33 acres, 70% of the total area has been allocated to green areas, public and recreational facilities, and 30% to buildings.

The price of a meter in Park Land Avenue compound

The price per meter in Parkland Avenue compound varies according to the type of residential unit the client wants, as well as its location in the compound, its area, in addition to being finished or semi-finished, so you can follow the price updates through our website.

Payment methods in park land compound, Badr City

Al Zaim real estate investment and contracting company has provided easy payment methods for all customers, one of the payment methods is to pay an advance of 30% of the total unit price, then the rest is paid in installments over 8 years in equal installments, provided that the unit is delivered after 6 months of contract.

Real estate developer of park land Avenue Park Land Avenue compound

Park land compound is presented by Al Zaim real estate investment and development company, with more than 25 years of real estate experience, which is one of the largest real estate investment companies in Egypt, where it has provided many large residential and commercial projects, and the company started its projects in 2006, where it enjoys a wide reputation as a result of its choice of distinctive designs, and important strategic locations.

One of the most prominent projects of AlZaim real estate company:

Badr downtown mall.

Palm Gardens compound.

The 131 Badr City architecture project.

The 18th building project in the distinguished neighborhood of Badr City.

And the 87th building project in Zone 7 in the distinguished neighborhood of Badr City.

The 147th building project in Area 7 in the distinguished neighborhood in the city of B

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